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Where to Buy a Fake ID

ID cards play a key role in our daily lives. It is needed for a variety of tasks, from banking to traveling. A State ID, or government ID card, or Drivers License, are one such document in the United States. In this article, we will look at where and how you can get a Fake ID, as well as discuss important aspects to consider when obtaining one.

Where to Get a Fake ID

Let’s not beat around the bush and start right away with a review of the first Fake ID provider.

DrunkID – a time-tested and the best provider of Fake ID

  • Unmatched quality
  • Instant delivery speed
  • Affordable pricing
  • Payment with gift cards or cryptocurrency

The purchasing process is quite simple – select the state you need, fill out the information, upload a photo, make the payment, and go about your business. The rest will be taken care of by the DrunkID team. For our readers there is a special 20% discount with the promo code BOUNCERCHEATING

Key points you need to know before purchasing a Fake ID: Most mistakes are due to poor-quality photos. For this, DrunkID has a comprehensive guide on how to take a high-quality photo for a Fake ID.

It is also possible to order a Fake ID with the data of a real person, but with your photo. To do this, you must select the Real Clone option when ordering. In this case, you present yourself as a different person, but it has a number of advantages.

The main advantages of this option are:

  • You are matched with a person who is as similar to you as possible.
  • No problems with the police, as the data is real and exists in databases.

Possible disadvantages:

  • Despite the fact that at the time of manufacturing the Fake ID everything is fine with the holder, there is a chance that the original State ID might be seized by the police or annulled for various reasons, for example, if the holder loses their State ID.

Overall, this is hardly a disadvantage, as DrunkID offers a service to check the ID for seizure/retrieval, etc. Unfortunately, you will have to verify the functionality of your ID on your own. The DrunkID team has not yet implemented automatic notifications.

The video below shows the preliminary result of Fake ID print before hologramming and laminating.


This is what the finished fake ID will look like.

New Jersey Fake ID Frontside

New Jersey Fake ID Barcode

To summarize all of the above we can say that DrunkID is currently the best company on the market and if you are still wondering where to buy a Fake ID, DrunkID is undoubtedly the right choice. Go shopping!

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